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Who We Are, What We Do

The Indivisible Florida Network brings together 17 local Indivisible and other resistance groups and is a collaboration of grassroots political activist organizations that advocate for and defend democratic principles, values, and institutions by increasing voter engagement and participation in our democracy in order to bring about a more equal, just and inclusive society.

Please note, we are not affiliated with Indivisible National. While we share many values, we organize as our own Indivisible Florida Network. Some groups may still organize with Indivisible National on an individual basis.

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Recent Accomplishments:

Broward For Progress

Broward for Progress is helping to mobilize voters by: Registering over 150 voters while stuck at home; Sending out over 78,000 postcards; Fundraising over $25,000 for postage, supplies, and candidates; Making thousands of phone calls; Sending thousands of texts; Hosting over 100 events; Empowering our community to take thousands of actions on petitions, letters, and twitter storms to affect change in Florida!

Citizens For An Engaged Electorate

Citizens For An Engaged Electorate is backing Co-Founder Barbara Byram's bid for Florida House District 22.

Englewood Indivisible

Since early 2019, Englewood Indivisible members have done neighborhood-based voter contact work in Charlotte and Sarasota Counties, identifying anti-Trump independent voters. Since mid-2020 members have been writing letters and postcards, phone-banking, dropping literature and almost daily sign-wavings for our national ticket and candidates for state and county office, three of whom are members of our group!

Indivisible Action Southwest Florida

We have organized a letter writing campaign to the area newspaper highlighting local candidates, national issues, and getting out the vote. Our members have also been involved in fund-raising and post card writing to ensure that returning citizens have the opportunity to vote. We have been vocal and visible at various sign waving events along with other organizations supporting candidates up and down the ballot. Many members have become very involved in working at the polls as poll watchers and greeters as we head into the election.

Indivisible Manatee

Our mission is to provide a forum to educate, engage and empower individuals to participate in our local, state and national government to work to elect candidates who will defend our democracy and be accountable to all of its citizens

Indivisible Safety Harbor

Indivisible Mandarin

Indivisible Mandarin in Jacksonville –part of a consortium of groups in Jacksonville, working with the Duval Democrats – fundraised over $14,000 to send out 8,000 slate cards-for VBM voters and 1,500 for "low propensity" voters; contacted thousands of new voters by phone and text; sent out 20,000 personalized postcards for two of our candidates in Duval.

Indivisible St. Johns

Indivisible St Johns members, in partnership with our Blue Wave Coalition, made 17,337 phone calls, sent 129,315 text messages, and mailed: 5424 Primary slate cards to African American voters; 28000 Vote by Mail post cards to Democrats; 35,000 General Election slate cards.

Lee OFA Indivisible

As a catalyst partner of the Lee Blue Wave Coalition we: made over 75,000 phone calls, sent over 36,000 postcards, sent more than 250,000 texts, and knocked on thousands of doors to enroll voters in VBM and GOTV. Efforts have resulted in a record breaking 60% of Lee County Dems enrolled in VBM in 2020 compared to 42% in 2016. We purchased advertisements to GOTV for Biden/Harris on 3 electronic billboards and are arranging “tailgating” at early polling sites.

North Central Florida Indivisibles

Indivisible FL-13

We developed a county-wide postcard campaign. We prepared and mailed over 170,000 cards.

Indivisible Jax - Southside

Palm Beach Indivisibles

Our mission is to advocate for equitable, just and inclusive values, principles and policies to elected and public officials, community leaders and influencers; to support grassroots efforts to increase voter participation through education, training, action, organizing and leveraging relationships that are focused on the issues most important to quality of life for all residents of Palm Beach County, Florida, particularly those who reside in underserved communities.

Sarasota Stands Together

Sarasota Stands Together members have been working the phones and their personal contacts to GOTV! Our newsletter, which reaches 100+ members, provides clear, specific voter information and motivating content.

Network Groups Acting Together

Members of the Florida Indivisible Network met with legislators in their district offices in advance of the 2020 legislative session and in their Tallahassee offices early in the session to express their views on issues of public policy and specific legislation. Constituents contacted their legislative offices in response to over 130 targeted Action Alerts when bills of interest were referred to committees for hearings or placed on calendars for votes on the House and Senate floors.

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