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We Oppose HB1/SB484 and Reject This Power Grab by Governor Ron DeSantis Campaign 

We, the citizens of the State of Florida, call upon all members of the Florida State House and Senate to reject HB1/SB484 because it is unconstitutional, unamerican, undemocratic, and a big waste of time and energy. 


Combating Public Disorder   HB1/SB484     Enacts heavy-handed punishments designed to curb free speech and silence dissent. State and federal laws currently address rioting, insurrection, treason, assault, and battery. Furthermore, this bill is anti-police and anti-homerule.

Instead we ask that our leaders are bold and address the major issues facing Florida: COVID relief, unemployment, health care, worker rights, education, environment, retirement security, housing, and justice and equality for all.


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